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Page Name Team Donation Total  
JDRF Fundraising Page $0.00 AUD
Too Many Pricks
join this team $6,729.50 AUD
Pincushions $0.00 AUD
ParfumFusion $0.00 AUD
Paul $6,439.00 AUD
Paddlin' Tom Dwyer $1,162.00 AUD
Pools for Prevention $52.50 AUD
Pamela $5,342.63 AUD
Grand Slam Of Darts $192.25 AUD
Pauls Idea of a Holiday $1,081.50 AUD
Paulie does the Big Red Run thing $8,863.40 AUD
Peter $0.00 AUD
Peta $1,531.00 AUD
SHHS Fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes $600.00 AUD
Team Crazy Faith
[Caitlin- Crazy Faith]
join this team $1,476.89 AUD
Ellie on the red run $0.00 AUD
Team Dellius $1,351.15 AUD
Angelo $4,244.25 AUD
Tamykah $1,306.50 AUD
Heidi's Slimtember Challenge $0.00 AUD